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Q. What happens to my watch during a “service”?

A. Unlike when your modern day motor car is “serviced”, the internal mechanism (which we call the movement) of the watch is completely stripped down to its component parts, and then carefully cleaned in specially constructed machines, using chemicals specifically devised for the purpose. The spotlessly clean movement is then re-built, any worn or damaged components replaced and at the same time re-lubricated using lubricants which are specially formulated for watches. The watch is then regulated using state-of-the art digital timing equipment to ensure that your watch will keep good time. This work, if done correctly, requires a significant amount of time, skill and precision.

Q. How often should I have my watch serviced?

A. This depends upon the type of watch. A modern watch normally has a case that is moisture and dust resistant, and will offer a higher level of protection to the movement than a vintage watch. It is often recommended that a modern mechanical wristwatch is serviced every 3 to 5 years, and a vintage mechanical wristwatch every 2 to 3 years. Ladies vintage wristwatches require servicing more frequently because they are smaller, and the movement only has the capacity for a small reserve of lubricants. I am happy to advise you about service periods for a particular timepiece.

Q. My watch has started to lose time, (i.e. it is running slow,) does it need a service?

A. Mechanical and quartz watches often behave unpredictably when they require a service, simply because the efficiency of the mechanism is reduced as a consequence of dried out or deteriorated oils, and possibly an ingress of dust and dirt. If these issues are not addressed, they adversely affect the timekeeping. In watches, like all mechanisms, friction is a problem, overcome with the use of special lubricants, and because we are only able to apply a small amount, they evaporate with time. Eventually, this lack of lubrication will lead to wear, causing further problems for the watch.

Q. Will having my watch serviced by you invalidate the warranty?

A. Most warranties are only valid for 12 months, but you are advised to check the length of the warranty if your watch develops a problem, in which case my advice would be to return the watch to the manufacturer or the retailer if the fault occurs during the warranty period, as any remedial work should be free of charge. After the warranty has expired, a properly trained Watchmaker, will only use the highest quality materials and parts, thus ensuring that your watch will perform as it was originally designed to do.

Q. How do I get my watch to you?

A. Please contact me before sending in your watch, and then send your watch to the P.O. Box address in the contacts page using Royal Mail Special Delivery only.

Please also include with your watch:

1)      Your contact details, so I can contact you upon receipt of your watch


2)      A cheque for the return postage if a basic estimate is required


3)       A cheque for the inspection fee + the return postage if a fixed price quotation is required. I will advise you of the cost of the inspection fee during our initial contact.

Please note: the P.O. Box address is secure, as it is run by the Royal Mail, and accordingly they will only accept delivery of parcels delivered by the Royal Mail. Therefore, please do not use any other courier service, or your parcel will be refused!

Please do not include your original presentation box, but please do ensure that your watch is well packaged, and consult the post office staff regarding the correct amount of postal insurance to purchase when posting. Please visit the Royal Mail website for more information on postage costs: http://www.royalmail.com/portal/rm/content1?mediaId=22700554&catId=400026

I would recommend using the Special Delivery Next Day with consequential loss for any watch valued at more than £2500.

Q. How do I know I can trust you to carry out a proper repair to my watch?

A. I am a properly trained Watchmaker, which means I have studied watchmaking at vocational level at a university for a period of three years, and passed the exams as set out by The British Horological Institute (B.H.I.) for professional Watchmakers, and I have also attended, and continue to attend, the professional training and development seminars hosted by the B.H.I. and other organisations.

I have also received extensive additional training by a well respected and established Watchmaker prior to, and during my time at university. Rest assured your watch is in good hands, the training and experience I have had means that all repairs will be carried out to very high standards. Like many of today’s Watchmakers, my continued attendance of training courses ensures that my skills are kept up to date, and that I won’t be resting on my laurels!

As a member of the British Horological Institute, and The British Watch and Clockmakers Guild, I voluntarily agree to be bound by the codes of conduct and ethics in the business of providing a repair service both to the trade and the general public.
It may also give you added peace of mind to know that my workshop premises are fully insured.

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of a low price is forgotten!” – Benjamin Franklin

Q. Why do you charge for a fixed price quotation?

A. in order to provide you with an accurate price for the repair, the watch will need to be completely disassembled, and often thoroughly cleaned, in order for any worn parts or damage to be detected. This work is time consuming, and therefore has to be charged for, and if the watch is complicated, this is the best method of assessment.

A fixed price quotation is particularly important for vintage or high-end and valuable timepieces, especially if parts are needed, which can be time consuming to find or fabricate in the event that the part(s) are obsolete. If you decline the repair the watch then has to be reassembled and returned to you. All of these factors have a bearing on the final bill, and I prefer not to present my customers with nasty surprises!

If you decide to go ahead with the repair, the cost of the inspection is deducted from your final bill.

The inspection fee is 20% of the basic estimate (ball park figure) quoted at the time when an enquiry is made, and payable when the watch is sent to the workshop.

Q. Are the any up-front charges?

A. I may in certain circumstances require a deposit of half the final bill before any repair work is undertaken; this is often to cover the cost of parts.

Q. How do I pay you for the repair?

A. I accept debit / credit card payments over the telephone, or payment by cheque or Paypal. All Repair charges are subject to VAT at the current rate of 20%.

Q. Do you guarantee your work?

A. All servicing work is guaranteed for a period of 12 months commencing when your watch is returned to you. This covers all servicing and repair carried out on the movement, but does not cover the following:

External Case Components: i.e. straps, bracelets, glasses, chronograph buttons and crowns, all of which are prone to accidental damage, or damage as a consequence of neglect or abuse. If I have replaced an external case component I will inspect the watch in the event of a failure, and may elect to replace the component in good faith, at my discretion.

Water Resistance: If requested, and where appropriate, a water resistance test will be carried out and a report given on its ability to withstand the ingress of water / moisture.  It must be understood that the test carried out in the workshop cannot replicate the conditions of a watch during use in water, as it is a “static” test.
The water resistance test does not constitute a guarantee of water resistance in any way, nor for any specified length of time, and is solely for the purpose of advising the customer that the watch has been re-sealed correctly.  

Neglect or Abuse: No liability will be accepted for damage or failure of a watch which is found to have been treated in a manner contrary to the intended purpose for which it was designed by the manufacturer, i.e. high impact sports, swimming etc. If the watch is used in any hostile environment or has the potential to sustain damage during the daily activities of the wearer, please notify me before sending a watch in for repair, so that I can advise you about alternatives!

A full copy of the terms and conditions is available upon request.


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